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At Onyx Support we welcome both positive and negative feedback as this is important to the development of our services. To leave a compliment or complaint, please download the form below and email to

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"Thank you so much for everything you did with and for me while being my Mentor. You helped me actually stay in University and get through my first semester, helped improve my general wellbeing and academic performance. Thank you so much. More than I could have hoped for in a Specialist Mentor." - Student

"When I first started at University I really struggled with social anxiety, giving presentations and meeting new people. This made me stop going to classes and avoid seminars and my quality of work got worse. My mentor supported me through this and helped me to develop coping strategies and skills which both reduced my anxiety and developed my confidence. I now feel confident attending classes and interacting in groups." - Student

I was not sure what to expect when it was first suggested to me that I should have a mentor - but it was one of the best things that has happened to me in regards to improving my overall health and happiness. Having such an understanding and patient mentor has allowed myself to improve on aspects of my life that I didn't even think were affecting me. My mental health and the way I view life, as well as considering a healthy balance throughout my life has really improved - this would not have happened without the help from my mentor. Having such an empathetic and open minded mentor, who has guided me into having positive changes in my life, when I started to believe I was stuck and a failure, really helped my confidence and I couldn't be more grateful. Having that help throughout my struggles in life, no matter how big or small, is something that I will always appreciate - along with the fact my mentor is so flexible with when and how we can communicate (in person, emails, phone calls). I always feel like I am supported, no matter where and whatever the circumstances. I would recommend this service and my mentor to everybody!- Student

I had Linda as my mentor, and I cannot thank her enough for her amazing support. Linda advocated for me regarding my mental health concerns. Linda was very prompt and efficient with safeguarding me, and the extra support I required was implemented. I was very impressed with the efficiency and the speed in which Linda managed this. Linda is very gentle and understanding; she provided multiple solutions and we discussed different action plans that would best suit my needs. Linda is very caring and compassionate, she made me feel safe and comfortable, I was able to build a trusting bond, which enabled me to speak openly about concerns and struggles that I was facing. I cannot thank Linda enough for being a great listener and supporter. As soon as I contacted Onyx, I had a mentor set up very quickly, and I am very impressed with the services. - Student

“You’ve honestly been SO fab! (I tell my mom as such after literally every session we’ve had)”

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